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Acrylic Glass Mounting by WhiteWall: Gallery Quality for any Home
WhiteWall Combines the Perfect Photo Paper, Format, and Framing Options to Create True Photographic Prints under Glossy or Matte Acrylic

Berlin, Germany — The Original Photo Print Under Acrylic from WhiteWall, the online photo lab, is synonymous with gallery quality in the comfort of one's own home. With either matte or glossy acrylic, customers on can choose between three different photo papers, guaranteeing the perfect finish for every picture. At either 1/16” or 1/4” thick, the acrylic creates an impressive effect of depth. Every acrylic piece is made-to-order in the exact size the customer specifies and can be framed if desired.

As seen in galleries, a True Photo Print Under Acrylic is a real eye-catcher. WhiteWall brings this same level of quality into the home. For this spectacular finish, the photo print is sealed by hand under a 1/16” or 1/4” thick pane of high gloss acrylic glass using a long-lasting elastic silicone. The advantage is that the silicone will never harden completely and adjusts to changes in temperature to avoid any flaws or disfiguration. The photo paper is then mounted to a 1/8” thick aluminum Dibond backing panel that ensures lasting stability. WhiteWall has two different surfaces to suit any image or room: glossy and matte. The glossy acrylic makes colorful pictures vibrant and lively, whereas the matte variation is particularly well-suited to painterly or muted colors.

Using just the right photo paper can help a work of art achieve its maximum expressive power. The premium paper Fuji Crystal DP II is suitable for any genre and particularly great for classical photographs. The ideal choice for black-and-white photos is Ilford B/W, which makes the white tones shine and gives the black hues a spellbinding depth. In combination with glossy acrylic, Kodak Metallic creates additional sparkle, perfect for giving high-contrast or nighttime photos an impressive, metallic sheen.

On, everyone can find the perfect photo finish for their home. From wall-filling pieces as large as 118”x71” (that’s nine and a half by nearly six feet!) to panoramas and round formats in exact custom sizes, these are entirely personal, true works of art. Other customization options include angled or rounded corners and over 100 hand-finished frame moldings for the perfect finish. Integrated picture hanging hardware makes it a snap to hang the artwork on the wall.

About WhiteWall
WhiteWall is a brand owned by Berlin-based Avenso GmbH, which has operated the photo lab as well as the online service since 2007. Photography hobbyists and professionals around the world rely on WhiteWall’s exceptional quality. With its LUMAS brand and its over 30 galleries around the world
(1 in the US), Avenso GmbH has been democratizing the art market for ten years through its hand-signed art editions by renowned international artists. All of Avenso GmbH’s photographic works and products are exclusively produced in, and shipped from, the WhiteWall photo lab in Frechen, Germany, just outside of Cologne.

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